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Heart Shape Confetti



Hamsters will love digging in between rocks & large stones,

or climbing on and over them.

Stones & rocks also help to keep the nails trimmed!

Use them to add extra adventure:

  • A zone in the habitat.

  • As pathways or barriers between different substrate zones.

  • Random "boulders" in digging pits (peat/sand/Chipsi).

Cleaned river stones (fist size or larger) and flat rocks are ideal.

  • Avoid very small stones that could get pouched.

  • Avoid very sharp ones that could cut/scratch the feet & body.

  • If you decide to make a heap of heavy rocks, make sure they are securely placed so that none will shift and possibly trap/squash a little foot or leg.


(Rocks are pre-cleaned, scrubbed and boiled to sterilise)

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