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Nutrostim Gel with Evening Primrose Oil is a high calorie nutritional supplement in a concentrated form.


It stimulates appetite and can be used in all animal species.



-Stimulates appetite.

-Provides additional kilojules needed during convalescence from illness and/or surgery.

-Provides extra source of energy for working and hunting dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.

-Could also be given as a healthy treat to animals who are not ill.

-Can be used to mask the taste of tablets where the animal is reluctant to accept this dosage form.


Directions For Use 7-10ml (1½-2 medicine measures) per 5kg bodyweight daily or as often as required.

Dosage can be adjusted for smaller animals.


Nutrostim is palatable and will be readily accepted.

Squeeze Nutrostim onto finger and invite animal to lick it off. If the animal is too ill to show interest, open the animal’s mouth and smear the gel on the gums.


Storage: Store in a cool place (below 25 C)

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