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Ceramic Sand Potty

Ceramic Sand Potty


The Ceramic Sand Potty is a game changer!

Because hamsters prefer privacy when using their potties, the ceramic potty will help and encourage better potty manners from your hamster because it is solid and private.

Perfectly shaped and angled to prevent your hamster kicking out their litter substrate, but easy enough for your hamster to climb out without trouble.

This potty is a MUST HAVE! And it can also be used as a hide, digging pit, foraging pit - the possibilities are endless!

The Ceramic Sand Potty is available in one size - Large enough to allow space for digging and rolling (especially for those dwarf hamsters) and comfortable for Syrian Hamsters to use too.

Made from top quality ceramic and fully glazed to protect against any moisture.

*Please note that hides are made to order, we do not always have stock on hand. All hides orders are placed on a pre-order status with an estimated 3 week lead time (subject to loadshedding)*

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