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Anima-Strath Granules 20g

Anima-Strath Granules 20g


Give your hamster a nutritional boost with this great supplement. These granules can help boost the immune system, encourage healthy hair and skin, combat anxiety and assist with day to day health.



  • For immediate medical ailments: 1 pinch daily for 10-14 days. Then reduce to 1 or 2 pinches a week (or give as necessary for general health).

  • For general health: 1 pinch once or twice a week, or a little 3 day course once a month. 



  • Do not give to hamsters that have or have had bladder, kidney, or uterine issues, unless under advisement from your exotics vet.

  • Do not keep your hamster on yeast supplements continuously. It either becomes ineffective, or can cause other health issues. Yeast is a very healthy supplement, but very powerful too.​

  • The elixir version of this product is not safe for hamsters, since it contains honey and orange


Available in smaller, 20g bags, for convenience. 


(If your hamster will not readily eat a few granules on their own, simply use a blender/electric coffee grinder/pestle& mortar to grind them into a finer form and mix a pinch into his daily mushier foods.

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