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Our Story

Welcome to Hyggelig Pet Products! 

Thank you for taking the time to look around our website and view our products. 

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we are small, local business that focuses on producing top quality products for hamsters and rats. We specialise in creating healthy, unique and natural mixes, treats, chews and food for your little companions. 

Hyggelig Pet Products was established in 2019 by Sarah Mesham (originally known as Sarah's Critter Care) as a rescue. The online store as created as a means of raising funds for the rescued animals. 

The shift to operating fully as a business came with Sarah's move to Cape Town - the main goal to provide hamster parents with healthy and safe alternatives to the commercial market and through that, support local rescues. 

In 2023 Hyggelig Pet Products expanded again and welcomed Tana Pressly, the original founder of Hamsters South Africa, to the team. We also established the Hyggelig Hut, our new physical shop.

Together, Tana and Sarah aim to continue providing top quality products to the rodent community along with educating keepers on proper care and advocating for the rights of exotic and small animals in South Africa. 

Our Products

The Hyggelig Pet Products collection is made up of a variety of locally produced products and imported products. 

All our products are thoroughly researched and quality-checked to ensure that only the best products make it onto our catalogue. 

Each product is made with love and attention to detail and yes, they are tested on animals - they love it! 

All our ingredients are pre-frozen straight from the suppliers to prevent any contamination or infestation from any unwanted "creatures" and are further stored in either our deep freeze or fridge once mixed to further protect the integrity of our products. 

All our wooden accessories are cleaned, scrubbed, disinfected, sterilised and sealed where necessary for the protection of your little companions. 

The Hyggelig Hut

The Hyggelig Hut is our pride and joy! 

Here you will find a range of our products for sale so come on over, sit and have a cuppa with us, chat about all things rodent related and spoil your little companions with some awesome goodies from Hyggelig. 

Pop us a message when you'd like to visit and we'll let you know when we're available. 


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